E. Asia – Hands On IMB – September 2015

01 Sep

image1It seems to rain here almost every day, which frustrates me when I want to play basketball. While at the same time, it is a reminder of the how God sends rain on the just and unjust. People here need to know God, and with so many people always around us, the lostness here is sometimes overwhelming to think about. In the midst of great darkness, the light always shines through. I was able to share the light of the Gospel with a new friend last week. He seemed very open to hearing more and says he wants to follow. People here say they want to believe in something, but an obstacle prevents them from seeing that following God is not just something to simply believe in, but the only way to true, eternal life. Pray as we continue to discuss the Bible and pray that he will put his trust in Jesus Christ.

The universities here will start classes next week, as the students are beginning to move in and the campuses are coming to life. We will start participating in English corners on different campuses, which will allow us access to meeting many more friends. Pray that lasting friendships will be built as we can bridge everyday life back to the Gospel.

September will be a month of traveling for us. Logan leaves next week for a visa run where he will be gone for a week. He will meet us and the rest of the Mustangs, as we travel to a southern city, where will we play the Goats for our first football game. After flying back to our city, I will have one day to rest and thenimage4 back on a plane to the country’s capitol for four days. Pray for travel safety and for smooth visa runs. Also pray for our relationships with the other members of our football team the Mustangs. During our away game, we will stay one night in a hotel so there will hopefully be many chances to get to know the team more, and also for us to share with them.

Last week we went to our city’s famous tourist attraction, a Panda Bear Research and Breeding Center. We also went to a school about a two hour drive outside the city where they want us to teach the students Physical Education and sports classes twice a month. There are many opportunities for foreigners to work and live here.

Pray as we invest in locals here and seek the Father’s will.

Written by Chad (UBC College Student)


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