E. Asia – Hands On IMB – September 2015

28 Sep

IMG_2920I am sorry I have not been able to send out an update in the last few weeks, our schedule has been very busy here recently. The start of school and traveling have made it difficult.

The Father is faithful and He is always working around us, even when we do not notice. We had the privilege of seeing one of our brothers profess His faith in baptism last week. The same guy who once said he thought we should keep our beliefs to ourselves, now wants the world to know that he follows Jesus. The Father used our gathering to work in another one of our friend’s heart, who will call him C.  I have shared with a couple of times. He said he wants to believe and wants to follow. We explained during that night the Good News to him and how it applies to our story. He wants to follow!

We met a new friend a few weeks ago named G.  It has been cool to see how the Father has been growing that relationship. I have had excellent conversations with him multiple times. He is very open to hearing the Good News, I feel like he is very close to believing, please pray for him. That he will see his need for Chris and that the Father will use His Word to pierce his heart. Also that the Gospel will become clear to him, as his English is limited. I want it to be crystal clear to him of his need for something greater.

We have started a men’s group that meets on Wednesday nights.  We have guys coming from our football team and also students we have met around the city. We are discussing what it means to be a man, with hopes of pointing our discussions back to the Father. Pray for this group that we will see fruit.

This last week Logan and I subbed at an International School.  We had 17 four year old children, so you can imagine all the fun we had there! Kids are kids noIMG_3277 matter where you go!  Please pray for this school. As it is run by ‘brothers and sisters’ who hope to impact this country’s next generation for the Father’s name!

I miss everyone back home.  My heart is very heavy for my hometown right now as they mourn the loss of member of our community. Our Father is close to the brokenhearted. One part I love about being from a small hometown is how everyone is family and everyone comes together in times of tragedy. Even in times of sadness and death, we can still sing, “It is well, it is well with my soul.” We can say this because we follow the One who defeated death itself. I am lifting up my hometown and know the Father will use this to make His name known.

In Him,

Chad (UBC College Student)

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