E. Asia – Hands On IMB – September 2015

28 Sep

Well the last few weeks have been nothing short of busy. Two weeks ago, I traveled down to Hong Kong for a week.  While I was there I was able to go out and explore the beautiful city and take boats out over the ocean to the Island my resort was located at. I was able to meet with fellow global workers from many different countries in East Asia during my time in Hong Kong. It was so refreshing to get away and spend valuable time with the Father. It was a great reminder as I made this trip on my own, how blessed I am that the Father would allow me to see His beautiful creation that many will never have the opportunity to see in their life time.

Last week we had our first football game in a city about a three hour plane ride from where I am. Unfortunately, we lost the game, but in losing I was able to share with my teammates that I have already won because of Christ. This created a lot of questions from them and I was able to share even more with them. Please pray for this group of men that they will come to the the Truth. As much as I wish I could change their heart, I know that only the power of the Spirit can do so.

Friends, I am so excited to tell you about a new believer in our family, whose names is ‘C’.  Here is his story –  Less than a month ago, our supervisor gave me a call to come meet up with this guy he had met at a local restaurant, because my supervisor had simply dropped his chop sticks (Kuài zi is chopsticks in the local language). This guy walks by and picks up my supervisor’s chopsticks for him and that initiated a conversation. The guy who picked up the chopsticks is ‘C’. After this, my supervisor gives me his contact info and Chad and I end up inviting him over for dinner the next night. During that dinner, we laid out the Truth to him and he seemed very interested and wanted to learn more. After weeks of either Chad or myself meeting up with him bringing him to our fellowship and sharing, ‘C’ wanted to believe. We laid out the Gospel once again and made sure he counted the cost of what it might mean for him to follow Jesus here in this country, and he is for sure he wants to follow Christ.  The Father is so good, and it’s truly incredible how He is moving through His people here.

I would ask prayers for another friend of ours named ‘Gospel’.  ‘Gospel’ is another guy that has a story similar to ‘C’, but hasn’t believed. When we ask him why his name is ‘Gospel’, his response was that it meant “A blessing news” so we’ve been sharing to him why it’s a blessing news. I strongly think that ‘Gospel’ is very close to believing in Jesus, so please pray that he will fully lay down his life to our Father.

Lastly, please continue to pray for me and also my family. Since I’ve been gone, trails have came upon my immediate family. I ask that you pray for my family that our Father will be glorified during this hardship, and for peace in my heart as I am not there to be there for them.

Thank you all for your love and prayers,

Brother in Christ,

Logan (UBC College Student)


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