E. Asia – Hands On IMB – October 2015

19 Oct

IMG_3382Over the last few weeks many things have happened, as we’ve got to meet with a lot of new people and also played our second football game. We have started doing two English corners during the week and they have already been very successful with many college age students coming to improve their English speaking abilities. But through that we have had the opportunity to share with almost all of them. Most of them have never heard of Jesus or just think He was a some good moral teacher. The exciting part about sharing with these people is that they are the ones who ask us what we believe, which means God has already soften their hearts enough to at least be interested in the Gospel. As a result of many of these students being interested, we have had many of these students come to our house church this past Sunday. We are extremely excited about what the Father is going to do with these students.

Please pray for Chad and I as we continue to lead young believers in studying the Scripture with them.  Pray that the Father will open their eyes to see the all the lost people around them. Also, please pray for the guys on our football team. Most if not all of them have heard the Good News but don’t seem to be very interested in it. Pray that the Father will soften their hearts and that they will come to Him.

Many things are about to change with our team this upcoming month, please pray for a smooth transition for everybody involved.

Two of our really good friends left yesterday to go summit a mountain apart of the Himalayas that peaks out at 20,500 ft. Pray that everything goes as planned and go them to return to the city safely.

Please continue to pray for us that we keep seeking the Father in everything that we do and that the Father is glorified in every action we take. It’s crazy to think that we are well over half way done with this amazing adventure.

Lastly, please pray that the process of getting back into school this upcoming spring goes smoothly, as I know I’m a little nervous on the details of how it’s going to work but I know that the Father is always faithful.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Logan (UBC College Student)


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