E. Asia – Hands On IMB – October 2015

19 Oct

IMG_3386I hope everyone back home doing well. This last month I felt homesick more than other times while away. At the same time, it has served as a great reminder of where our real home is. We are not of this world, we should always be “homesick” to a certain extent, to go home to be with the Father, while at the same time, understanding that there is much work to be done.

Logan and I now run two English corners a week, one on a Tuesday night and one on Friday. We have many different faces coming in and out which allows us many opportunities to share. Last week was extremely fruitful as we saw chances to share the good news at both of our meetings. Some members of our groups even came to our house church yesterday. Pray for more chances to share the gospel with our new friends.

Last Saturday the Mustangs had a home game, which we won 24-0. The work with these guys is a little slower, seeing that many of them are much older than we are. Most of them have jobs and families and are also scattered throughout the city, which makes it hard to meet up with them or for them to come to things we do, such as our men’s group. We did have one member of our team come to house church yesterday, and he seems very interested in what we have to say. He has come to our weekly men’s group hosted at our house as well. Pray for the Father to continue to work in this man’s heart. Pray for the Mustangs.

We saw the Gospel take hold in one of our friends a couple weeks ago, but because of national holidays we weren’t able to start theIMG_3379 discipleship process right away. We started discipleship yesterday so pray for this new brother, he has much to learn. We hope for him to see how this Good News needs to be taken to his our people. We thank the father for his hand here. He is always working.

Our supervisor and his family have been great help in getting us acquainted with the culture here. They help for practical things but also help in our walk with the Father. Our host family recently adopted a little girl into their family, but because of medical complications, they will be returning home earlier than expected. They go back to the States at the end of November which will bring change for us in our last month of service here. Pray for healing for their little girl after surgery, pray for them as they travel home and pray for peace as they trust the Father’s plan. Pray for us as well as we will have to adjust.

In Him,

Chad (UBC College Student)


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