E. Asia – Hands On IMB – November 2015

26 Nov

It is now Thanksgiving day here in country, and there are so many things to be thankful for. I hope the Thanksgiving holiday is full of blessing for all of you. Many things have happen over the last month that I’m extremely thankful for, including our Father and His faithfulness towards us, and how he continues to work among the people here.

This past September, my supervisor and his family adopted a three year old girl with a heart condition. After further examination, it turned out that Olive is going to need heart surgery, so this past Monday, my supervisor and his family returned to the States. Olive will have open heart surgery the first week of December, so please be in prayer for her and the rest of the family through this next couple weeks. Pray that the Father has His hands over their family and the doctors performing this surgery as well.

We will now have a new supervisor for the remaining of our six weeks left in this city. We are excited to join Scott and his wife throughout the remainder of our time. I am very thankful for them and excited what I will learn from them in the coming weeks.

The last month we saw two of our local brothers and sisters in Christ get baptized. It has been such an amazing experience to see them come a long in their faith and boldly proclaim Truth amongst unbelievers here in this city. Please pray for them that they continue to walk with our Father and continue to grow. Pray that they will remain bold in their faith in such a dark place.

Chad and I have been meeting with a guy named Mike. Mike is a third year college student, and we have been meeting up with him once or twice a week going over our beliefs and studying scripture with him. Mike is searching for Truth, so please pray that the Father does a work in his heart and allows him to believe in the only Truth that will set him free.

I ask for prayers for both Chad and I for our remaining six weeks in country before heading back to the States. Pray that we stay focus on the task at hand and that we remain faithful towards our Father.

Thank you all for your prayers, Our Father is good and our Father is faithful. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Brother in Christ,

Logan (UBC College Student)


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