E. Asia – Hands On IMB – November 2015

26 Nov
IMG_3465As we quickly approach our last month here, it is hard to think that I have been away from home for five months. While at times it has been very tough, due to feeling homesick and missing my home culture, the Father sustains us. I know no matter where I go in this world, I am in His mighty hand.

As I mentioned last time, we have been blessed to have an awesome family adopt us for these past few months. Chris and his family really made us feel welcome and invested into our lives. Having been here much longer than us, they made the transition easier by helping us find our way around the city – small things that go a long way in such a large city and new culture. We were very sad to see them have to return to the States last Monday. They have adopted a little girl who requires surgery on her heart, so they had to go back sooner than expected. We hated to have to see them go, while at the same time knowing that was more important.

Our English corners seem to be the place where we have our best conversations. This last week we talked about Thanksgiving, which was not easy to discuss, as most people don’t celebrate it here(for obvious reasons), so the conversationsIMG_3537 stalled. It was cool to see the Father use that awkward situation of not having much to talk about, to then lead us to deeper conversations about what we believe. One of the ladies in our group asked my opinion on our country’s ruling of gay marriage. Though we disagreed, I briefly shared why I thought marriage was sacred and should not be changed. She wants to talk more in the coming weeks.  The topic of marriage provides a great bridge to deeper Gospel conversations.

I mentioned we saw a new brother in Christ come to faith recently, and we had the privilege of seeing he and a new sister in Christ baptized last Friday. It is so awesome to see how the Father works. We will continue our studies and discipleship with hopes of another guy taking over once we leave.

We meet once a week with a guy (Mike), who is not a brother in Christ, at our favorite dumplings place. He is so close to making a decision I feel, I
think Logan and I have shared more with him, than any other person here. He is such a deep thinker and wants to know it all.  Pray that the Spirit will change his heart.

Sadly our Mustangs season is over for the year, but we had tons of fun playing football with the guys. It is so crazy to me that the Father allows me to use football here as a bridge builder. So while we no longer play, we now have the chance to coach. One of our friends has started a kids football team, ages 7-17, where we IMG_3518teach the beginning steps of the game. Though crazy at times, kids are kids no matter where you are, and this has given us more opportunities to meet and reach many more people (all because we know how to throw a ball or tackle someone).

Pray that we will continue strong here even through the holidays and homesickness.

Pray for our new brother in Christ to continue growing in his new walk and for our friend (Mike) who is seeking.

Pray for the people here and that their eyes will be open to see their need of the Good News.

In Him,

Chad (UBC College Student)


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