E. Asia – Hands On IMB – December 2015

22 Dec

IMG_3812Where has the time gone? We have less than two weeks until we leave and begin to return home from Asia. I miss everyone back home and really look forward to reconnecting with people, and yet at the same time, things are really beginning to happen here. So it will be hard to leave, but we trust God’s timing and His plan. Others will continue to do the work even after we leave.

The holiday season away from home has looked much different. We had our Thanksgiving dinner with some of our foreign friends, and looking back on the past six months, we have much to be thankful for. As we are approaching Christmas time, this season brings great opportunities to share the real meaning of this celebration. We had a party last Saturday, with most of ourIMG_3794 friends not being believers, and over 40 people came! We were able to sing songs and share the true meaning of this season, through sharing the Good News. Pray that the hearts of those people will be softened and they will begin to see their need for something greater this holiday season.

One struggle for me over these months, has been living in such a large city, as this place is massive. So many people, so much darkness. A couple weeks ago we were able to go out to the mountains for a short trip. Now while I don’t really consider myself a country boy, I am surely not a city boy, so this trip was really refreshing to me. We saw a totally different way of life, a much slower pace of life, but even more darkness. The mountains were amazing, pointing back to the beauty of our Father. Upon returning, I felt much better and eager to finish out my time here.

IMG_3754We have a busy schedule before we leave, a lot of parties from the holidays, and a lot of good byes (I am not looking forward to those). We will continue with our English Corner until we depart. Next week a team of like-minded believers will come to help our work, and we are very excited to meet them and show them the work that is being done here. Lots to do before we return!

Please pray:

For the many relationships we have built, and more chances to share the good news with those people before we leave.

For this city and this nation, that their eyes will be opened to see their need for the Gospel.

For the team that is coming, that they can bring opportunities to share with others we have never met before.

I look forward to seeing everyone upon my return, this is my last email until I return!

Written by Chad (UBC College Student)


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