Ellen Burns – IMB Journeyman – Veracruz, Mexico

08 Jan

For the past month, life has been a bit hectic! We were blessed to spend Christmas with several other missionary families, and we also enjoyed visitsIMG_0080 from Candace’s sister and another journeyman girl serving in a different part of Mexico. It was great to spend time relaxing and visiting with friends (in English!) I also enjoyed the time spent in the village over the holidays. For New Years we attended a late night church service, where everyone gave thanks to God for the past year, and we “prayed in” the new year. This was followed by a cookout and fireworks at one in the morning! The people in the church have become so dear to me, and I loved having the opportunity to celebrate with them.$

Also, the week before Christmas it was amazing to see God at work in our storying project. That week we were approached by at least five different people who want to help translate and record stories! We were able to record more stories in that one week than we had recorded the entire month before! Unfortunately, the holidays interrupted the momentum that we had gained, but we are trusting in God to get things going again now that things have settled back down.$

There are so many other things that God has been doing, and I wish I had the space and the time to share them all with you. Just know that your prayers are a huge part of the work here, and are a great encouragement to all of us as we work to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.


Even as my time in Mexico draws closer and closer to its end, God continues to bring new people into my life. This week we were able to spend time with a new family, enjoy some delicious food together and have some great conversations.

My supervisor began radiation and chemotherapy this week, and so far he has not suffered any extreme side effects.  Please pray that he will be strong during the weeks of treatment, and that God will restore him to full health quickly!

Recently I have been able to talk with several different people about differences in our beliefs and what the Bible says about them.  Please pray that God will give me even more opportunities to share with them, and that I will always be prepared to share why my hope is in Him.

Written by Ellen Burns


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