Samantha Burgess – Hands On IMB – Prague, Czech Republic

22 Feb

​For weeks as I have ridden the tram into the center, I had seen people on top of this cliff near where we live. This weekend I had theIMG_5885 chance to hike up to the cliff. Being out in nature is what refreshes me the most and the view was breathtaking (or it could have been the hill I just climbed). From the top you can see churches that are hundreds of years old. You can see the center of the city that is bustling with tourists, historical buildings, and the city edges where the people live and walk their dogs and raise their kids. This past week, culture shock began to set it, and there were days when I missed the people and the comforts of home. But, being on top of the cliff and being alone with God while looking out at this city that He loves, reminded me why I am here, and the mighty God I am serving.

The next day, I was back at the bottom, surrounded by strangers who were avoiding human interaction as much as possible on the crowded tram, smelling something I’d rather not, and seeing the empty church buildings that represent oppression to the people. Looking back up at the cliff, I again saw the tiny people who were looking down at me, but all they could see was the beauty of the city. And I wished I was back at the top. Because at the top, everything looks clean, peaceful, put together. And down at the bottom it is messy, hard, and disappointing. 

I thought of the story in the Bible when three of Jesus’ disciples went on top of a mountain and saw Jesus and his glory transfigured before him. How tempting it would have been for them to stay on the mountain. Yet, they had to come down. At the bottom, they were immediately met with the crowds and a man with a demon-possessed son and it quickly became messy again. Before Jesus, lay the cross. How much easier it would have been for him to stay on the mountain. How much easier it would have been for him to not come to earth at all. He could have been content from his throne in heaven to see the earth He had made and to not involve Himself in the messy lives of His people. Yet He came to this broken world and put on human flesh. He died the death that we all deserve because of our rebellion against Him. Because He did not stay on the mountain, I have life. How then can I stay on the mountain when there are literally millions of people in this city who have never heard the good news of Jesus? If they died today, they would be eternally separated from God. That is why I am here in Prague. That is why you are where God has placed you. Because we have this message that has the power to bring the dead to life. And we have His Spirit guiding us and teaching us. Even though it is hard at times, He is worth it. 

As you do the work God has called you to do, please remember to pray for the work he is doing in Prague.

Pray for:

*Believers in Barrandov (the district I live in), that God would give them a love for the people around them and boldness to share the gospel with them.

*A church to be planted in Barrandov.

*Boldness for me to share the gospel with the people we are building relationships with.

*The team here in Prague to be one in mission and strengthened against the devil’s attacks.  

Thank you again for your prayers.

Written by Samantha Burgess


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