Boulder: Day 1 – March 2016

19 Mar

BoulderThis morning our team set out to Boulder, Colorado eager to serve a relatively new church plant: The Well. Our journey began at 6am when our team circled up at UBC to pray for the upcoming week. Our team is made up of 13 high school and college students opting out of going to the beach for spring break to serve in a more liberal part of the United States that, Lord willing, will be receptive of the Gospel message. Our time here will be very short, so we plan on making the most out of our conversations at local businesses around Boulder.

Tomorrow will be our first full day to serve for The Well. We will begin our morning at their Sunday service preparing our hearts and minds for what is to come. Today was a fairly simple day as we were bound to our church van, but this made for great team unity. Even though I personally slept more than a few of hours on our 14-hour journey, I already feel closer to this team. Lots of laughs and a few fast food meals later, I think our team is meshing well. One moment that sticks out in particular is when our team was getting back on the interstate after lunch, and we saw a man who was franticly loading fallen hay bales back into his truck. We pulled up next to the man, and Sam, without thinking, hopped out of our van (without shoes on) to help the man reload his truck. Mind you, it was a solid 30 degrees outside and cars were flying by. It was a true moment of servanthood, and it made me even more excited to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of our trip. This week will teach everyone on our team an array of things because we are all at different seasons of life. However, we are all servants of Christ who are overjoyed to serve the Lord and the Boulder community.

Written by Lindsey Bertrand


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