Boulder: Day 2 – March 2016

20 Mar

Awaking to the sun and snow, the youth ate breakfast and then set out for worship at The Well. The Well holds its services at Casey Middle School inIMG_0278 Boulder.  The youth helped out with child care, which was a lot of fun getting to see toddlers having fun and knowing that we are helping serve the community of believers at The Well.  The Well’s music and sermon was focused on preparing the congregation for Easter Sunday next week. It really helped put the trip in perspective, as we are here to serve the community and point to the Father.

After church, the group got back to the van to find out someone had pretty much boxed us in with a horrible parking job  However, Andy saved the day and pulled of one of the greatest million point turns to get us out of the parking lot and to home to eat lunch.  Lunch consisted of sandwiches highlighted by Samuel Burns’ homemade  creation of granola and mustard. After lunch we went to Pearl Street to hand out flyers for the Easter service next week and visited many shops. We have brought back the trend of trucker hats and witnessed several street performances.

The sun has set on the Rockies and our first day serving the community. Hopefully some of us don’t freeze to death tonight!

Written by Hunter Cloud


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