Boulder: Day 3 – March 2016

21 Mar

12115814_10153555758742309_6345396867799968004_nMonday mornings are rarely a time of excitement and joy, but I think I speak for our entire mission team in saying, this was not a typical Monday. We started our second full day in Boulder with a tasty breakfast of eggs and bacon, and eagerly loaded into the church bus ready to see what the day may hold. We spent the morning serving the community in various ways – from washing dishes and picking up toys, to trimming bushes and shoveling snow. The first house we visited was a family from The Well that simply asked for our help with household chores. We all thoroughly enjoyed fellowshiping with this family, and realized that these people, who live and work in a dynamic much different than our own, deal with the same everyday matters and strive to live out the same message of Jesus in their lives just as we do. Even as we worked throughout the morning, our team was able to have fun and share more than a few laughs. I can already see our group growing as a unit, and I feel like we have spent many more than three days together.

Through our work-related exhaustion, we ate our sandwiches contentedly. Shortly thereafter, we found ourselves in a snowball fight, using the little snow left on the ground. After many frozen fingers and snowballs to the face, the ‘snowball civil war’ ended with most of the mission team vs. Chad. We then walked to a large pond with and incredible view of the breathtaking mountains that God has created. At the pond, the team took many pictures, and to our humor, one of the members of941095_10153555759017309_8239038213431466231_n our team fell into the freezing pond.

Our next project after lunch was to clean an old church downtown that was completely unrelated to The Well church. Later we found out that the church
had strayed from its strond biblical doctrine that it once had, and instead teaches a warped view of the Bible. To me the picture of the degredation of a once biblically-firm church parallels the lostness and darkness in the city, that has strayed from God’s Word. After cleaning. Matt Patrick talked to us about what really loving people means. Matt then took us to a Boulder favorite of his for dinner. We all ate happily and whole-heartedly after a long day of work, but a day of displying Christ’s love and everlasting grace to others in the community.

Written by Alex Richey and Laurel McCabe


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