Boulder: Day 4 – March 2016

22 Mar

Today we spent most of our time helping out a ministry called Horizons. This ministry reaches out to the many international students who attend CU here inIMG_0187 Boulder. Our team helped serve by cleaning, organizing and landscaping their facilities. With so much man power we knocked out the many jobs they had for us.  It’s always nice to be a blessing for our brothers and sisters in Christ. These guys do great work to reach students from all over the world for Jesus. With such a high population of international students and different religious influence here, Horizons has huge opportunity to make an impact for the Kingdom.

It’s been really cool for me to be able to sit back and watch how well our team has come together. With a mixed group of college students and high schoolers, it seems like we have all been friends for some time. It’s cool how God works like that. I think we are learning how to be flexible when things are far different from home. On trips like this, you must be able to change your plans at any moment, and our team has done a great job adjusting and being patient with me.

IMG_3900Our time this week has been mostly spent partnering alongside The Well. This body of believers serves Boulder and proclaims the Gospel faithfully. Although it might look different here than it does in Fayetteville, the Good News is being put on display in this dark city. It’s been a great joy to help further their reach here as they try to reach this city for Christ.

Please keep the team in your prayers as we will be coming home soon.

Also pray for The Well as they work to make His name know throughout all nations.

Written by Chad McCone


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