Boulder: Day 5 – March 2016

24 Mar

IMG_3906Today we woke up fully expecting to pass the day walking around the CU campus and hike, but when we looked outside, we saw six inches of snow more coming down. So we made some delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast and sat down to figure out how to spend the day. Since we had already planned to have a fun day, we just decided to spend it in the snow. By lunch, there was a solid 15 inches of snow on the ground. We had several snowball fights, watched Netflix inside, even built an igloo, but by 4:00, some of us were tired of being stuck inside. We decided to brave the quickly cleared streets to visit a coffee shop on Pearl St. After spending a relaxing two hours there, everyone headed to dinner with Dwaine, who we’d met at Horizons yesterday. Despite our favorite Boulder restaurant (The Sink) being closed, we ate a good pizza dinner and drove back to EBBC for devotions. Please pray for the snow to clear up quickly enough for us to get back safely and for us to still be effective in our ministries even when we’re snowed in.

Written by Hannah Burgess


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