Boulder: Day 6 – March 2016

24 Mar

IMG_3967Today started with a delicious pancake breakfast that I prepared for our team with my  faithful companion Chad McCone. After breakfast, the team filled into the van and headed out to the day’s project site: the Boulder Homeless Shelter.

The drive over was beautiful, with the snow-covered mountains in the background. We arrived there around 8:30 and met with Andrew who runs the shelter and also runs the childcare for The Well church. We then divided and conquered with the boys heading outside to clear the snowy sidewalks and the girls heading inside to prepare meals. It was hard work until 1:30, but it was much appreciated. Typically, one employee, Mary Beth, is responsible for the work our group did. I imagine she must work so hard!

Following dinner and showers, we were able to provide childcare for the parents of The Well, allowing many of them a much needed date night.

Goodbyes are always hard, but we leave in peace, knowing that The Well, Horizons International, and the Boulder Homeless Shelter are being led by people who are spiritually sound, building on the foundation that has been laid by our Savior Jesus Christ.

Pray for safe travels back tomorrow and in everything, that love binds us together.

Written by Andy Garcia


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