Uganda – Gabe Llewellyn, May 2016

20 May

Kampala – “Village”

We visited a family this morning in the Nakigarara. It was my first experience truly “off-roading” in Africa. We were in a ’94 Toyota Land Cruiser that did surprisingly well but still left me outside pushing on occasion. We visited a Mom who had ten kids. The Mom and the oldest three were working in the tea fields while the youngest seven were at home. I took several pictures that I will include here later, but the picture I have in my mind is indelibly marked there. The oldest of the group there was eleven. Most of the smaller kinds sat outside the dilapidated hut in goat fecal matter. One child in particular was covered in flies. I waved them away but they came right back. The children were literally starving and sat there like zombies not even phased by the flies and bugs that were crawling all over them. The light of their eyes was gone. There was no emotion. While their physical heart was still beating, they appeared very lifeless. All day my heart ached for them as my mind continued to go back to that picture of them sitting there. Matt and Julie, the couple I was staying with in Kampala will be leading a team there from Arkansas to rebuild the home and bring some level of sanitation to the living area. Please pray as they are in the process of raising the funds needed and pray that the team would be able to successfully get the supplies necessary out to the remote village. They will be working there from May 26th to May 28th.

Later in the day, I was also able to meet with a man named Livingston. He is a business entrepreneur who grew up in the slums of Kampala. He is a fantastic connection and gave me a lot of helpful advice regarding opportunities and needs in the country.

I was asked to prepare a message for a conference tonight for a group of 30 men. I spent several hours reading, meditating and studying the passage they gave me in Revelation. I finally felt prepared. When Matt and I arrived with another pastor, we were greeted by a half-packed church that was mostly women and children. As I got up to speak, I had not even reached my fourth sentence before the oldest kids stood up and began walking out. My pride was initially hurt, but in the very next moment, the Lord gave me a word and an analogy to share that allowed me to connect with the young audience. He is so faithful. I was completely lost up there, expecting to be talking to adults and in His mercy, he gave me something that was beautiful that allowed me to share Jesus with them on a level they would understand.

Written by Gabe Llewellyn


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