Uganda – Gabe Llewellyn, May 2016

22 May

It is a very interesting experience being able to stay in Clark and Joyce’s home. It reminds me often to pray for them. It also serves to give me a picture of what it could like to live overseas long-term. I just enjoyed some lasagna that was in the freezer…Clark told me to make myself at home and it was amazing!

The opportunity here is so great. The kids here are very friendly. Almost every time I see them, I am reminded of the fact that they are orphans. Not that there is something physically telling about them, but rather I believe it is being brought to mind by the Lord. I cannot imagine being raised without parents. These kids have been abandoned and yet God tells us that He is their refuge and strength.

I am so very grateful for the exceptional training I had in Colombia. It is fairly obvious to me now that much of it was in fact survival techniques used in the jungle that is becoming increasingly helpful here. I am also so grateful for the time I was able to spend with ‘Mr. T’ a supported worker. Some of his wisdom is coming back to me and it was clear that he had an intimacy with Christ.

Today has been a very relaxing day. I woke up, had a quiet time on the balcony, and went to church. The missionary named Dave from Canada spoke and did a great job. God really spoke to me in what he was sharing. His message was on how God uses blessings in our lives to test us.

I was able to spend some time playing basketball with the kids. I then came back and read Pilgrim’s Progress on the balcony until dinner time. Finally, I was able to eat dinner with Pod 1 house 1. It was great being with the kids and seeing the incredible influence RG is having on them. They are being taught the Bible and each night sing worship songs and spend time in prayer.

Once last thing I’ll mention before I head to bed is that I am continually reminded of the incredible impact Clark and Joyce have had on RG and these kids, and the house moms. One of the house moms came up to me after my meal and asked about Joyce and let me know that she loves her and has been praying for her recovery. She kept going on about the investment Joyce has had on her and how much she missed her.

Written by Gabe Llewellyn


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