Uganda – Gabe Llewellyn, May 2016

23 May

I just woke up to turn some coffee on. Today is another beautiful morning that the Lord has made. I feel very rested. I have been able to have some wonderful time with the Lord each morning and it has been so refreshing.

I will go to a Bible study at 7:30 am with all the workers and will probably spend the rest of the day with Emmanuel.

I am continually asking the Lord for a vision and thus far, he is continuing to lead me in the direction of agriculture with Cargill. The more I experience Africa, the more strategic Cargill seems to be and the more I can see God’s hand in guiding me there.

I was able to spend some time with Emmanuel. He is the head of the agriculture here. It was very informative as he walked me around about forty acres of land that is used for farming. He took me through most of the animal husbandry and through the various crops they grow here for self-sustainable living. He is a wealth of knowledge and passionate about both agriculture and the kingdom of God.

For lunch I ate with Pod 1 house 6. They were more quiet and reserved but they began talking more once we started talking “football”. It was another incredible time to watch them interact. Also, it was such a blessing to hear them pray. They are so grateful for what I would call “so little”. How convicting for me.

Later in the afternoon, I spent some dedicated time with the kids playing several games in the field. I was then able to join some other kids who were in an adjacent field learning about planting crops. They were diggings line rows and I was able to help them wrap up. Lastly, I was able to get some reading in on Pilgrim’s Progress before dinner and it was excellent.

Blessings to you all! Thank you for the prayers on my behalf!

Written by Gabe Llewellyn


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