Boulder: Morgan Montgomery – Summer 2016

19 Jun

UntitledToday marks the end of my first week serving here at East Boulder Baptist. This first week featured a non-stop, action packed day camp for 6th – 9th graders called Elevate. Elevate pushed the youth to grow and trust in each other and in Christ. During this week, we took them rock climbing, to an American gladiator gym (like the show American Ninja Warrior), camping, boating on a lake, we completed service projects, and made a massive slip and slide. We asked the kids to push themselves further each day and by the end of this challenging week they began to open up about their personal relationships.

The night we went camping I was fortunate enough to share Christ’s love, the power of sin (Rom. 6:23), and a little of my testimony to two boys Kayden and Ashish. I shared how God calls us to become aware of our own sin and how Christ paid the price for us on the cross. Kayden and Ashish revealed sin in their lives and were seeking to get closer to Christ. Both of them are raised in the church, but neither attends EBB. I’m praying that the spirit humbles them and continues to grow in their hearts.

Up next is the final week of Elevate. This week we’ll be taking a new group of kids on the same adventures as last week. Thank you UBC for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for the youth and their parents. Please pray that I will be bold and share the gospel outside of the youth as well. Also pray that I have endless joy and energy (I need it).

For His Glory,

Morgan Montgomery


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