Colombia – June 2016

26 Jun

Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers during my trip. I will say it was a really good trip and one of the coolest experiances I’ve ever had. As it was my first time leaving the country (and riding on a plane) I encountered many new things during the trip. We got to go up the Amazon river to the villages where we were able to share stories and interact with the people. Although I couldn’t speak the language, we were able to communicate via our missionary partner. We also got the oppurtunity to host two “meetings” where the villagers gathered and had the gospel shared with them. One of the things God taught me on the trip was how He is faithful. These people live way off the beaten road and yet God has still made His presence known. Hearing the testomonies of some of the villagers was really encouraging and exciting and I realized that a) God can use any situation to make Himself known and b) God is faithful to anyone and everyone who follows Him. The trip was really cool and showed me a lot of things. I will never forget going caiman (alligator)co hunting at 3 in the morning down a swamp. Again thanks to everyone who gave financially and prayed for the trip! It was really cool and God is doing a good work in the Amazon.

Written by Joel Burgess

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Posted by on June 26, 2016 in Colombia, General Missions, Samaria


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