Deserts of Africa: Day 1 – November 2016

17 Nov

The long awaited trip was finally here. No more team meetings, Skype calls, support letters, or last minute preparations; it was go time. Five of desert1our seven team members boarded our first flight from Northwest Arkansas, praying often over the many hours that awaited. God was gracious during the travel time, ridding anxieties, preparing hearts, and allotting some much needed sleep. Several flights later, our team stopped in Dubai to join together with the remaining two members…our team was finally united!

After five flights and over 30 hours of travel, the long awaited arrival to Africa finally happened, only to find ourselves with an eight hour journey through the desert. We stopped briefly for lunch at the first village encountered, drank our first cup of hot sweet tea (and I mean SWEET), and attempted to chat with the women, realizing the reality of language barriers. This was the first moment we realized the challenge that was ahead of us- the challenge that Christians face with all unreached people.

After somewhat of a discouraging attempt at conversation, we were back in the van. To paint a picture, imagine a local man driving seven Americans squeezed together side by side in a Land Cruiser, going 70 mph in the middle of nowhere and flying down sand dunes. It was during these eight hours of desert driving, we found ourselves dwelling upon stories in the Bible that took place in this desert. It was quite surreal and truly brought God’s word to life. We beheld the beauty of what seemed like the entire desert and desert2were thankful. Although head bumps and nausea occurred, we arrived safety to the next village. Here we joined with several long-term missionaries who had come to work with us in the desert. It was here where we were first welcomed with a traditional meal and a place to sleep by a local family. With full bellies, we gave thanks to the Father for the generous hospitality we received and asked that these sweet people would come to know Him. And with that, we worshiped God in song, proclaiming the truth of who He is. We continue to pray now that God will bring each person we encountered to follow Him faithfully through Jesus.

It was here that God gave us rest for our bodies and for our souls. Thank God that His mercies are new each morning and He so faithfully provides all we need. Pray that the B people see His faithfulness and understand their need for a Savior who loves them more than they can fathom!

Written by Hannah Abraham


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