Deserts of Africa: Day 2 – November 2016

18 Nov

img_3190Today we traveled to four different villages. At each village, the women on our team would find the other women in the village and sit and drink tea with them while the men on the team would look for any men in the village. At each village, we were able to share the good news of Christ with at least one person. Praise God! The people we met had never heard of Jesus. I cannot fathom what it would be like to grow up without at least hearing His name. In one village, a couple of team members were able to share the story of the woman at the well. When the lady who was listening heard about the living water Jesus offered, she was amazed! She asked how she could receive such living water. We tried to explain it to her, but there was so much to share about who Jesus is and we had such a short time. I left burdened for those who have never heard the Good News before and the immensity of the challenge to reach them.

At the end of the day, we settled in a little valley and spent the night under the stars. There were some trees and bushes near by that appeared more green than any we had seen before. We asked why this was and were told it was because it had rained last week. I was struck with how quick a little bit of rain can cause growth. Pray that the hearts of those who heard the gospel today would come to life just like the trees who received the little bit of water. Pray for believers to come to these same villages and share more of the Good News.

Written by Samantha Burgess


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