Deserts of Africa: Day 3 – November 2016

19 Nov

thumb_img_3054_1024Today we visited what I call ‘the magical village’. God is moving in this place. We were able to visit one of the known believers (Ms. A) that professed her faith in Jesus a few years ago. She is still following Christ, and she says she only prays to Him. Her husband is not a believer, so I pray that Christ would move in his heart and bring him to faith. This believer lives across the street (or dirt road rather) from two women that Hanna and I were able to share the gospel with. These two women were so ready and eager to hear the message of Christ. They prayed to commit their lives’ to Jesus. We rejoiced and prayed with them, but felt a sense of sadness when we had to leave that day. We encouraged them to meet with the other believers across the street, so that they could grow in discipleship. This could be difficult, though, if their husbands or unbelieving neighbors found out. Pray that these woman would be bold and crave fellowship.

The men on our team were also able to share with men around that same village that day.thumb_img_3299_1024 We stayed in this one village for at least four hours. We at lunch in Ms. A’s home. She cooked us a traditional B people meal which consisted of tomatoes, cucumbers, foul, and of course… tea. We ate this meal with bread while we were seated on the floor. This is how we ate every meal in the desert. The children tried to make their way into the room that we were eating our meal in, but the woman shoed them out. The children in this village were adorable. They are were always smiling and posing for pictures. It warmed my heart to see them laugh and play together. The B people have an interesting way of life that they are so content with. I pray that one day they will be content with Jesus Christ and Him alone.

Written by Lindsey Bertrand


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