East Asia – March 2017

01 Mar

We began our journey to East Asia in a bustling city of 14 million people.   Cars, buggies, and bikes, oh my!  That was my first impression as the missionary picked us up from the airport just after 8 pm.  He is not allowed to drive his car on Tuesdays during the daytime due to heavy congestion on the roads.  The day you are not allowed to drive is decided by a letter on your license plate. A clever solution to congested streets!

This big city is a strategic city for many missionaries (including ‘B” who works with the “T” people) as it easily accommodates foreigners and gets you into the middle of the country, close to the UPGs.

Though we were hoping to focus on ministry to university students during this first part of our trip, for a few reasons that didn’t work out as planned.  However, we know the Lord’s plans are better.  We were able to meet with four different missionaries ranging from one month on the field to 30 years.  It was such a joy to hear about their ministries and to know how to better pray for them.  We also were able to prayer walk around a major university there.

Jennifer and I got to spend a few hours with two young ladies who are part of the Hands On program with the IMB.  Though they had only been there for one month, they were already diving head first into ministry to university students through English Clubs and Bible studies.  They invited us to meet with three university students who are also believers who cooked us delicious meal.  It was a blessing to share a meal with them and to hear the different ways that each came to believe in Christ.

Will you join me in praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ in this city – both missionaries and nationals?

Written by Jessica Osborne


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