East Asia – March 2017

09 Mar

What does Member Care look like in East Asia?

Part of our team purpose was to come alongside those serving in East Asia by providing support and encouragement, as we joined them in their daily activities. It was my privilege to join KJ in her daily tasks and a variety of outreach opportunities. I accompanied KJ as she traveled to a village about three hours away from her city. She visited some helpers there and conducted some ministry tasks. We were invited to eat with a local family and enjoyed mutton, chicken, and goat all at one meal! In her city, we interacted with students learning English from private teachers – two elementary classes and a junior high class. Their teachers are always excited to have their students practice their English skills with a native speaker. As a guest, I was able to story with them from the Bible – David & Goliath and Noah and the Flood.   Other activities involved meeting both Christian and non-Christian friends for meals and fellowship, having her friends teach me how to make dumplings, sharing ethnic songs, walking KJ’s dog so she could complete planning for our team, and doing some simple computer editing of a language project to help meet a deadline. I was also able to meet other colleagues and team members in her city.

In addition to working with KJ, the interactions with her ethnic group allowed me to increase the scope and vision of her ministry and gave me a clearer understanding of the prayer needs for these people. I also came to see that ministry takes place in every activity of her day – those that are intentional as well as those that God spontaneously appoints. God certainly went before us and provided many opportunities to connect with many different people. KJ said many times that we were probably the first foreigners that they had ever seen.

Last but not least , this time with KJ allowed me to see several needs that we can address as a church and as individuals. Things like Christmas party supplies – a time when KJ has the elementary and JR High students of her friends to her home and shares the Christmas story and has a craft. Also special technology items that would be more reliable and allow greater productivity.

Written by Dottie Harris

What a blessing to see KJ in action! I have a more accurate picture of what being on mission means and the utter dependence on God that is required to complete every single day!


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