Colombia: Day 3 – March 2017

19 Mar

The next morning (Sunday), we went to breakfast as a team one last time and Ms. B took the guys to the port. (Please continue praying for their safety and effectiveness while they are gone until Wednesday evening.) The ‘B family (wife, kids and a neighborhood friend) and I went to church when Ms. B got back from the port. It was Mariana’s first time to join the girls for church and they were so excited to have her there! Beth introduced me to the people there as “Brenda” because it was a more well-known name to them than Brena, so my Spanish name is Brenda. The service was in Spanish, but it was still cool to meet some of the fellow believers in Leticia and worship the Lord with them. They talked about the passage that instructs us to build your house on the rock from Haggai 1:9-11. This meant so much more to them here than it does to most Americans, because they watch homes often be destroyed by the flooding of the river. In fact, people in Peru have been losing their lives due to flooding during this rainy season. It also reminded us that we should be more focused on the house of God than our earthy houses.

We then went to lunch together and Ms. B and I were able to start getting to know each other while the kids walked over to the park. We spent the afternoon getting to know one another while resting. The girls asked if we could all go get ice cream that afternoon. Just then, I realized I didn’t know where my passport was, and since I had left the hotel to come stay at the ‘B family’ house, everything was in a different place. I thought it had fallen out of my backpack when I had gotten my pen out of it to journal the night before, so one of the girls went back to the hotel with me to find it (she has been an amazing translator!).  We sat for about 30 minutes only to find that it wasn’t there. I was praying that it was just in a different pocket in my bag and it hadn’t been stolen or lost someplace else! We got back and I searched every pocket of my bag, and it was in the only pocket I hadn’t searched yet. Praise the Lord!

The girls and I finally went to get ice cream, and the girls’ friend tried to learn some English while I tried to learn some Spanish. We wandered around the town and they told me all about their life here, the places they had lived, and places they liked to go. Then they asked if they could dye my hair with tissue paper! So now I have red tips from the dye used to make tissue paper. (Don’t worry, mom, it’s not permanent.). I cooked with Ms. B, and we got to use the new pressure cooker that UBC sent the ‘B Family’.  The food turned out delicious! We made chicken curry and rice and watched a movie together. I got to play video games with the ‘B family’s’ boy too, which he loves. We ended the night by watching a movie together, and by the end of the night, we were all exhausted and slept so well!

Written by Brena Lackey


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Posted by on March 19, 2017 in Colombia, General Missions, Samaria


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