Colombia: Days 1 & 2 – March 2018

19 Mar

Well we’ve been here been here for a few days now, and it’s been absolutely amazing! We departed Friday night at 6 pm and got to Leticia around 1:30 the next day. Travels were miraculously smooth with only a couple of minor bumps in the road, and we handled it as a unified team, which was a huge answer to prayer. After getting lost in the airport in Bogota at 5 a,m. in the morning and navigating our way to our gate with a very little knowledge of the language, I’d say we were very bonded as a team! Many of us were unable to sleep on the flights, but we were carried through and so excited to finally be in Leticia when we landed.

We were greeted by the ‘B Family’ and it was great to finally be here.  We went to their house, and got to meet all their kids and spend  time getting to know them and hearing about their life and work in Leticia and the surrounding villages. We spent some time hearing of the work in the lives’ of those they are reaching, as well as praying over their family, and worshiping together. Mr. T prepped Jake, Michael, Chaz, Morgan and Korey for the work they were going to be doing when they left for the river on Sunday around 10. After orientation, we took a tour of the town and went over to a neighborhood close to the port that overlooked the Amazon river. The sun was setting behind it and it was absolutely one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. We walked down a boardwalk in the neighborhood and were able to see life happening in Leticia. Little kids would come right up to us and hug us, and the older ones were playing soccer or volleyball in the mud, with joy on their faces the whole time. It was a much more relaxed lifestyle than we were accustomed to. People here are more concerned with getting their daily needs taken care of, rather than planning for the future. Later in the evening, we went to get groceries for the guys to take on the river with them and went to dinner with the ‘B Family’. We also were with another family who currently live in Florida, but are looking to come to be missionaries in Leticia as well. After dinner (and being awake for over 48 hours) we went back to the hotel for a time of prayer as a team before the guys were set to leave in the morning. We all slept so well after the exciting and exhausting couple of days we had had.

Written by Brena Lackey


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