Colombia: Days 4 & 5 – March 2017

21 Mar

On Monday morning, I went with Ms. B to take her younger kids to school. They go to a private school started by missionaries in Tabatinga, Brazil and they are learning Spanish and Portuguese. I’m still just learning to tell the difference between the two! We went over to the airport and walked around where the Brazilian military goes on their runs in the morning. We talked about the churches and the common beliefs in the area. We also got to start planning the retreat that we’ll have on Thursday with all the local missionaries when the team gets back from the river. We went around and invited some of the local couples, and found out about a girl who had been attending the English school that these missionaries ran, but she had recently stopped attending it so she could go to the Mormon church in town. (We are now praying that she will return to what she had been learning through the missionaries for the past couple of years and that God would reveal his truth to her!)

Later that afternoon, the oldest girl and I went out for a canoe ride on Los Lagos (a lake that is connected to the Amazon.) We swam in the lake and looked at all the trees and the beautiful scenery in it! We got to watch the sun start setting while we were on the Amazon river and it was so beautiful! That evening Ms. B and her girls and I just hung out, baked cookies, and talked about girly things while Isaac and Joy fell asleep on the couch watching Ghostbusters. Afterwards, the girls I had a sleepover in the girls’ room and talked all about life.

This morning (Tuesday), the oldest girl and I woke up after the little ones had gone to school and Ms. B was getting ready to go to breakfast to celebrate another missionary’s birthday, so I took her out to breakfast. Then we went to explore the town a little bit more and buy LOTS of coffee to bring home! We have been having a great time to get to know each other here, and just have fellowship with other believers. I wish I had more to talk about with the work the guys are doing in the village, but I’m sure when they get back tomorrow, they will have tons of awesome stories about the work God got to do through them! Thank you for your prayers and support of the six of us as well as the ‘B family’.

Written by Brena Lackey

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Posted by on March 21, 2017 in Colombia, General Missions, Samaria


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