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Second Mile Christmas Offering

Our fourth annual Christmas Store, an outreach of Second Mile Ministries, has been a wonderful blessing to our community.  This year this outreach has flowed through the regular weekly ministry of Second Mile.  As those in our community come in throughout the week, Second Mile is able to declare the Gospel through personal evangelism, demonstrate the Gospel in assisting temporal needs, and demonstrate the love of Christ by helping gift our community this Christmas season.  A huge thanks to the many within UBC’s body who serve faithfully each week at Second Mile, and others who have volunteered time and resources (see below) into this holiday outreach.





Christmas Store – December 2014

UBC hosted our third annual Christmas Store to serve our community and those who we minister to through Second Mile Ministries, throughout the year.  UBC members donated age/gender appropriate gifts that folks were able to purchase for their families for Christmas. It was a great opportunity to serve our community, as a community of believers, who love to point people to Christ this Christmas!

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Christmas Store – December 2013

UBC hosted their second annual Christmas Store, on Saturday, December 14, as a part of Second Mile Ministries’ Outreach to Love the City: Serve Local.  Members donated gifts throughout the month of July and we invited families that we minister to through Second Mile and our Bus Ministry to come shop for their kids at a discounted rate.  We had numerous volunteers helping in the store, gift wrapping and making Christmas crafts with the kids.  Here are a few highlights.







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Christmas Store – 2012

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” — Matthew 5:16

Our church’s Adult Bible Fellowship groups have been asked to help stock a Christmas store for our Second Mile and Bus ministries. Our ABF decided to make a fellowship event of our task in getting toys, supplies, and clothes for our assigned age group. A small contingent descended upon a local retailer in what was, no doubt, a sight to be seen. Each member of our group was excited to participate in such a worthwhile cause for our community and those less fortunate.

As we checked out, the cashier was obviously curious and asked me if we all had a friend who had recently given birth. Without really thinking about it, I simply mentioned we were buying to stock a store for our church’s benevolence ministry. This elicited a host of questions. In an unanticipated gospel opportunity, I was able to explain our church’s benevolence ministry to this cashier. It was great to express a tangible way our church loves to love our community.

She expressed a deep interest in the ministry and the church. As I walked away, I was struck by the simplicity of the moment. We had just gone to the store to get some items for ministry to take place later; instead, the Lord intended us to engage those with whom we would rub shoulders for ministry in that moment. Whether she or someone she knows will later need the assistance of Second Mile, she now knows where she can turn. A simple act of preparing to care for others provided an opportunity for the Lord to glorify Himself. As the world watches us to see how we will act, may we act in such ways that give glory to our Father who is in heaven.

Written by James Vaughn

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