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JERUSALEM is our commitment to Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas (NWA). The first mission field beyond the walls of our church is our local community, neighborhoods, and city, our Jerusalem. Here we seek to share and show the love of Christ.

There are many ways that we seek to make Christ known right here in Fayetteville, as we seek to be missional in engaging the city.  We support many local ministries that reach out to various demographics of our city, including Second Mile Ministries, Loving Choices Crisis Pregnancy Center, as well as the BCM and other campus ministries.  We also want to find ways through various service opportunities to display and demonstrate the Gospel, in order that we might gain an opportunity to declare the Gospel.  These events include partnering with city government, schools and other city organizations.

Oftentimes the mission field comes right to our doorstep. Students from all over the world seek an education at the University of Arkansas, just down the street. Every year the campus draws both a national and international population. We have a vital ministry on the campus through partnership with international students.  In addition, thousands of people gather on the campus for various sporting events throughout the year.

As NWA continues to grow in population, more and more large events are drawn here; for example, Bikes, Blues & BBQ. NWA also has a growing Hispanic population. These give us the opportunity to not only share the love of Christ, but also to show the love of Christ as well. We can impact our nation and world right here in Fayetteville.

Our commitment to Arkansas and the United States calls us to reach beyond Jerusalem into the larger region – our state and nation. In many ways, our JUDEA looks very similar to Jerusalem, but is also somewhat more diverse.

The United States is now 25 percent evangelical with three out of every four people lost and in need of the message of the Gospel.  We must be active in taking the Gospel to them and making disciples within our own nation.

Church planting efforts are at the forefront of our Judea Mission as we seek to partner with like-minded church plants and to be planting new churches in some of the least-reached areas of the United States.

SAMARIA is our commitment to Latin America enables us to gain a new and exciting cross-cultural experience. The barriers to ministering in this part of the world are less challenging because of our close proximity, which makes travel relatively easy and less expensive, and our established presence. Language also is less of a barrier.

People in this region are open and receptive to our presence. Our established missionary presence there allows us to support, serve alongside and partner in church planting, discipleship and outreach among the nationals.

These trips to places like Mexico and Central and South America are awesome equipping grounds for ministry in the Ends of the Earth.

END OF THE EARTH is our commitment to our Unreached People Group and the Unreached World, especially the 10/40 Window. These are the regions in which many people have never heard about Jesus. This mission field includes people with various cultures, languages, religions and ethnic diversity.

In 2005 and again in 2009, UBC officially adopted an Unreached People Group (UPG). We are committed to do everything in our power by the grace of God to help facilitate a church planting movement among both the Kuvi/DK and B People, led by nationals.  We work with partners on the field to help reach these UPGs with the Gospel.

Through this process, we are committed to provide financial assistance, pray, send teams, train and disciple national leaders, mobilize national Christians, and meet the physical needs of the people. We commit to do everything in our power to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Unreached World.


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