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2014 Missions Logo (Brown BG)In the entries below, you will find the stories and experiences of the people of UBC on mission for the glory of God.  We created this weblog so that you may join with us as we passionately seek to declare, demonstrate and display the gospel of Jesus Christ to every tribe, language, people, and nation here in our community, state, nation, and to the uttermost parts of the world.

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East Asia – May 2017

We cannot believe we are down to our last two days in East Asia! The previous days have proven themselves tiring yet richly rewarding to us as we continue to meet with the friends we have made here and share the good news of Jesus with them.

On Wednesday, we followed up with some of the students we had shared the gospel with previously. After these meetings, we set out to the center of the city where people gather to shop and grab tea with friends, with the hope that God would allow us to meet more students there. After several failed attempts to meet any new students, we headed over to a milk tea shop to buy some drinks before heading back to the hotel for our team meeting.  We were standing in line ready to order when  God provided us a new friend when we least expected it! We were able to share numbers and set up a lunch date for the next day. It was deeply encouraging to behold the faithfulness of the Lord in continuing to provide opportunities to share the mystery of Christ!

That Wednesday night, our team and many of the students we had been sharing with on previous days, went to KTV (karaoke). Unlike back in the states, karaoke here is set up in private rooms that group of friends reserve to sing their hearts out, and that is what we did! It was a relaxed time with the friends we had made, where countless laughs and singing skills (both in English and their language!) were shared, and friendships were deepened.

Thursday was our last day in East Asia, and as the morning sun peered into our hotel rooms, the day already proved bittersweet as we considered how our trip was coming to an end. We met with “C”, the girl we met Wednesday in line at the milk tea shop. We had the opportunity to learn more about who she is and her story. Over lunch, God was faithful to open to us a door for the word and we shared with her the good news of Jesus! We were able to spend a good portion of the afternoon with her even after lunch where she trusted us with more personal parts of her story and we were able to identify with her struggles and share how God had worked through similar hardships in our own lives and given us a living hope that cannot be shaken.  We were so grateful to God for directing our steps to her, and allowing us to share the good news with her even on our last day there!

That Thursday night our team had dinner with all of the students we had befriended and had shared with during this trip. Even during this last dinner, opportunities for sharing the truth of Jesus were so abundant. One friend, “Z”, has heard the gospel through long term missionaries there and attends a weekly Bible study to learn more about Christianity, but does not feel ready to believe in the truths she has learned. We quickly became friends over the past ten days and as she sat next to me during dinner, she showered me with question after question regarding the story of Jesus and how I had come to faith in Him. Her hunger for truth and her awe at the things I was able to share with her only increased my own awe at a God who will stop at nothing to see the lost reconciled back to Him in this city. His love for the people here is so deep and great!

Tomorrow, as we go back home to Fayetteville, we leave yet another home behind in this city. God has grown our love for the people here in unexpected ways, and burdened our hearts for the many who still do not believe, especially the new friends we had the privilege to meet. But we leave deeply encouraged, as we contemplate the countless ways we witnessed the love, grace, and sovereignty of God magnified day after day during our stay here! As we return, please pray with us for the souls of the students we were able to share the mystery of Christ with. Pray for the long-term workers who remain there, for their strengthening in the Lord so that they may be filled with endurance, patience, and joy. Finally, please pray for the follow ups of the long-term workers there with the students we shared with during this trip.

Written by Paola Monterrosa-Diaz


East Asia – May 2017

From a local fellowship to local campus life, to meal upon meal with locals for famous provincial cuisine, the past few days have been exhilarating, fast, and significant. As our team has been hitting our Asian stride we have found ourselves both exhausted and excited.

We spent Sunday with a local fellowship of long-term workers and getting to know new friends on university campuses. There is much to learn about this culture, people, language and city, so we rarely run out of questions to ask.

On Monday our team set out again to make friends on and off campuses. After lunch, a friend named Emily took Sarah Beth and I shopping and we were able to spend eight hours with her in one day and many times share about the good news. For such a short trip that seems a great gift!

Today we spent the majority of the day taking some of these new friends with us to see panda bears. This time allowed us to deepen our friendships as we walked and talked and admired some of God’s more adorable creatures. Tonight some of these same friends took us to eat the local food this province is best known for. Over this meal our friends explained much about the culture of this country, and we had the privilege of sharing the good news with them at length. As we talked, they
explained not many people here have beliefs, but that they think this is not good. They literally said they are “waiting to hear what to believe.” If that’s not an open door, I’m not sure what is!

Written by Hayley Meyer


East Asia – May 2017

These past two days in East Asia have been filled with many new experiences and new friends! Yesterday, we met with a friend who wanted to give us a tour of her campus, since it was different than the one we were familiar with. There, we met with a friend of hers and were able to talk and get to know her as well. While the girls were doing that, the guys went to play basketball and made new friends also. Later on, we went to English corner– an event on the largest campus where people go to practice their English. It was a great way to make new friends and get to know more about the culture.

Today, we went to a famous tourist spot and invited some of the friends we made the previous night. We had a lot of good conversations. My favorite one was during lunch; two of my teammates and I were able to petition while another one of us shared the good news with one of our new friends! It was amazing to be a witness to that and to have the opportunity to join her in lifting her up as the Father was enabling her to boldly share. At night, one of our partners here was having a game night at their apartment, and we were able to go. We played games and talked for several hours and had a lot of fun!

I am looking forward to these next few days and meeting up with the new friends we’ve made, petitioning that we have the opportunity to share with them. This trip has already been a blessing and I am excited to see what more our father has in store for us these upcoming days!

Written by Anabella Monterrosa-Diaz


East Asia – May 2017

“Wow! Today was our second full day here and God is already working in awesome ways! Yesterday we met up with our contact here in East Asia and he gave us a basic orientation of what our time here might look like. This culture is very “go with the flow” so we are constantly learning to be flexible and trust Him that he will use our time well. We then were able to prayer walk campus and get more familiar with the city. Today we went to lunch with two students one of which is a believer and the other is not. It was great to talk with them and hear their stories (they also taught me how to use chopsticks the right way!). After that we went to campus again and played ping pong and basketball with some of the students to begin building relationships. We were able to connect with a few students and hope to continue building those friendships.

Tonight, we had the opportunity to worship and share testimonies with a fellowship here. It was a sweet time of hearing worship in both their language and ours and also of hearing stories of our Father’s work in the lives of our team members and of the fellow brothers and sisters in our club. God is working in my heart so much too. I have seen how self-centered I am. I’ve seen how many of my thoughts and concerns revolve around me and it has gotten in the way of being able to love others well. God has been so good to show me that now, so that my mission here can be focused on Him.

My prayer is that He will teach me to really see and love others. Please pray that the team would serve the people here well, even though we’re already worn out. Pray that the gospel goes forth and that God is glorified through this trip. Pray that we would be an encouragement to the long-term workers here. And pray that as a team we would love each other well. I’ve loved getting to serve with this amazing group of brothers and sisters ! We are already close as a group and are able to serve so well together.

HE is so good!”

Sarah Beth McCollum


Love the City: Serve Local Workday – May 2017

Today was our annual Love the City: Serve Local Workday.  We served two of our Local Direct Support Ministries – Loving Choices and Compassion House, as well as helped do some sprucing up of the outside of the UBC Mission House.  Here are some highlights.


Colombia – March 2017

UBC Family,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for your support over the last month. Our trip to Leticia, Colombia was impactful in various ways. On our trip we stayed in a small Peruvian village on the amazon river for three days, led a spiritual retreat for local missionaries, and we served the host mission family however we could.

The trip to the Amazon taught me many invaluable things, but what stuck with me the most was the intentionality. Intentionality is universal; the barriers of language did not hinder us from expressing love. For example, our team leader Michael, didn’t speak a lick of English, but shared love through quality time spent and physical touch (hugs, fist bumps, high-fives). His actions confirmed the verse John 13:34-35 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Moving forward, I believe God is calling me to go overseas permanently. I loved every second of my time in Colombia; yes, I even miss those nasty mosquitoes. I yearn to be back this very moment, but over the last few weeks, I was reminded to be content in this current season of life. Thank you for your help in making this trip a reality.

The Peruvian Village

During our stay in Peru we assisted the B family with discipleship training. Mr. B, the lead missionary, led a discipleship conference in the isolated village we visited. The village of about 50 people is a Christian village on the Amazon River. There, our goal is to raise up disciples to share the grace of Christ to other villages in the surrounding region. During the conference Mr. B explicitly shared stories from the Bible; stories like the cross, creation, Cain and Abel, and the flood are used to elaborately explain the gospel. The Peruvian villagers are mostly illiterate, so they memorized these stories to share their faith with others and to store up God’s word in their own hearts. We also took part in sharing our personal testimonies. These testimonies of God’s work in our lives not only brought us closer to the villagers, but also painted a clear picture of the gospel, and showed that testimonies could be used to proclaim God’s handiwork to others.

Spiritual Retreat & Families

During our last full day in Colombia we led a spiritual retreat for the B family and other missionary families in the surrounding area. We worshipped in English (a rarity for them), shared tear jerking praises, prayer needs, stories, encouraged one another, spent time in prayer, and studied Ephesians 1:15-23. We discussed that amidst all things our hope is derived from Christ, that we were once alienated with no hope, but God, being rich in mercy, brought us near. We discussed that God has dominion over all things: “every name that is named” (sign of dominion); therefore, we love because he first loved us; perfect love casts out fear.


Continuous prayer (1 Thess. 5:17) is still needed for Colombia, the Village, and the families in the area. Pray for the missionaries in the area: for their gaze to be fixed on his kingdom, for them to be steadfast in their walk, for their health, and for their impact on the unbelieving natives. Also, pray that God will raise up a number of indigenous disciples who are willing to reach the indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle.


Morgan Montgomery

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Colombia – March 2017

If I am being honest with you, I never foresaw myself going to South America.  Traveling south wasn’t on my bucket list or any sort of list for that matter.  When I learned about this opportunity, I had to use Google to even make sure where Colombia was located within South America.  Although I had no significant heart or desire for South America or Colombia, I knew that God did.  

Mark Twain has a famous quote that states, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” which is quite true. What is more, it expands my heart and love of the world to get a little more like God’s.  “For God so loved the world,” and now, I love the world a little more like He does.

When I learned about this opportunity to join the B-Family for a short visit, I knew that God would expand my heart for a place and a people that I had never thought much about before. And sure enough, I now know the sights and sounds and smells of a place I had never before paid much mind to.  I have friends in Colombia, and my heart feels a little bit more like God’s heart. We spent a lot of time with the B family, with their friends, Mr. L and his son, and with other missionaries in their area, I care about them deeply.

If you’ve ever been on a trip with UBC, you understand what I’m talking about, how our hearts grow.  If you’ve ever considered joining a mission trip opportunity with UBC, I highly recommend talking to Ryan Martin or someone else that can get you connected and plugged in.  Let your heart grow as you serve the Lord and the church and experience more of the world.

Written by Michael Gaddy

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